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Parts for Detroit Diesel 6V71

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Parts for Detroit Diesel 6V71

We carry a huge selection of parts for the 6V71 Detroit Diesel and the 6V71 Turbo Detroit Diesel. Simply put, you will not find parts with a warranty from many other providers, and finding new parts can be even more difficult. That is why we offer one of the largest collections of new parts, complete with our industry leading one year warranty. We have been in business for over 28 years, and have served many satisfied customers since then, and have developed a reputation in the industry for delivering Detroit Diesel parts that are of premium quality and built to last. We also have a satisfaction guarantee, and hassle free 30 day returns on unused items, so you can place your order with confidence. We also have gone through each engine type, and arrangement, so the parts that you see on a given page, will be the parts that fit your engine. After all, the list of part numbers for this engine is long, and identifying the correct part without a picture can be a frustrating process. This is why you never need part numbers to place an order with us. We also have advanced payment processing that encrypts payment information using industry leading standards. Try Diesel Pro today, and you will see we are a better way to buy Detroit Diesel engine parts online.

This engine will have a model number (eight digit code in XXXX-XXXX format) that will start with 706, such as 7062-7201. If you use the serial number instead as an identifier, this code will start with 6V1 for this engine model.

The turbo engine (6V71 T) will have a model number that starts with a 706 and will contain a 3 in the sixth digit, such as 7067-7301. If the sixth digit is a 2, then your engine is a natural, or non-turbo engine.

6V71 Detroit Diesel Specs and General Info

The Detroit Diesel 6V71 has six cylinders, a displacement of 425.6 inches ³, a bore of 4.25 inches and a stroke of 5 inches, and four main bearings.

Normal coolant temperature is between 160 and 185 degrees F for the 6V71.

Coolant capacity is 7.5 gallons.

Normal oil temperature is between 200 and 235 degrees F.

Normal oil pressure (PSI) is between 40-55 at 1200 RPM, and 50-70 at 2100 RPM.

Oil capacity is 22 quarts.

6V71 Detroit Diesel Engine Torque and Horsepower

Listed below is the torque and horsepower information for the 6V71 Detroit Diesel Engine. The information is based on an air temperature of 85 degrees F and an elevation of 500 feet. Brake horsepower is used to measure horsepower.

Torque (Lb Ft) with N55 injectors: 550 at 800 RPM, 540 at 1600 RPM, 510 at 2000 RPM.

Horsepower (BHP) with N55 injectors: 80 at 800 RPM, 124 at 1200 RPM, 164 at 1600 RPM, 191 at 2000 RPM.

Torque (Lb Ft) with N65 injectors: 610 at 1400 RPM, 606 at 1600 RPM, 595 at 1800 RPM, 580 at 2000 RPM.

Horsepower (BHP) with N65 injectors: 163 at 1400 RPM, 185 at 1600 RPM, 205 at 1800 RPM, 222 at 2000 RPM

Marine Engine Torque, Horsepower and Fuel Consumption

Horsepower is measured as shaft horsepower, and at a temperature of 85 degrees F. Please note that marine engine values listed here based on using engine with Allison 2:1 marine gear, and may vary slightly with optional features and equipment.

Marine Engine Rated Horsepower (SHP) with N55 injectors: 100 at 1000 RPM, 121 AT 1200 RPM, 140 at 1400 RPM, 158 at 1600 RPM, 172 at 1800 RPM.

Fuel Consumption with above conditions: 7 gal/hour at 1200 RPM, 9.5 gal/hour at 1800 RPM.

Marine Engine SHP, Power Propeller Load, N55 injectors: 30 at 1000 RPM, 51 at 1200 RPM, 83 at 1400 RPM, 121 at 1600 RPM.

Fuel Consumption with above conditions: 3.5 gal/ hour at 1200 RPM, 5 gal/ hour at 1400 RPM, 7 gal/ hour at 1600 RPM, 9.5 gal/ hour at 1800 RPM.

Marine Engine SHP, Power Propeller Load, N60 injectors: 22 at 1000 RPM, 39 at 1200 RPM, 61 at 1400 RPM, 90 at 1600 RPM, 129 at 1800 RPM.

Fuel Consumption with above conditions: 2.75 gal/ hour at 1200 RP, 3.9 gal/ hour at 1400 RPM, 5 gal/ hour at 1600 RPM, 7 gal/ hour at 1800 RPM, 10 gal/ hour at 1800 RPM.

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