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Diesel Engine Gauges

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Parts for Marine Gauges and Diesel Engine Gauges

Engine gauges are a must on every boat, truck, generator and industrial engine. These devices keep track of various measurements like speed, oil pressure and battery power, to name a few. Engine output and fluid levels are likewise reflected in marine gauges and their data. Whether digital or analog, gauges assist in the effective operation of any maritime vessel. In fact, they are very important when weather and water conditions are harsh and inclement. Diesel Pro Power offers a long line of mechanical and electrical gauges. Customers can be sure of their soundness, accuracy and overall endurance.

Diesel Pro Advantages: Why Buy Marine Diesel Engine Gauges With Us

Diesel engine monitoring gauges are vital to the safe and practical operation of any seafaring vessel, truck on the road or supporting powered engines. Should any outlive its usefulness, quick replacement is in order. In addition, deliveries arrive on the day promised. Best of all, the website from which you order is totally secure, and the parts you receive are under full warranty. So you don’t have to fret over anything!

Impressive Inventory of Gauges For Diesel Marine, Truck And Generator Engines As Well As Parts

We preserve a considerable inventory of diesel gauges that squares with our equally immense stock of engines. In addition, we offer competitive pricing on each and every gauge. Our gauges fall into four categories:

Standard Mechanical Gauges

Mechanical pressure gauges are attached to a Bourdon—a tube made from a very flexible metal and bent into an arc and linked on one end to the gear and shaft apparatus. As pressure ebbs and flows inside the tube, the analog pointer will move in accordance. On the other hand, mechanical temperature gauges employ somewhat modified Bourdon tubing that holds heat-sensitive fluid. As temperature changes, the fluid emits a vapor that puts pressure on the tube, which, in turn, moves the pointer. Our analog marine engine gauges monitor oil pressure, water temperature and fuel levels, for example.

Mechanical Gauges with Alarms

Diesel Pro carries mechanical gauges with alarm features that notify boat pilots when abnormal conditions arise. One such item is a tachometer, which tracks engine speed in revolutions per minute (RPMs). If an engine exceeds the manufacturer's recommended RPM, the alarm can alert the operator to take corrective action. Such devices correspond to Detroit and Cummins engines, for example.

Electrical Gauges - 12 Volts

The 12-volt electrical gauges found at Diesel Pro Power are known for precision and responsiveness, allowing you to ensure the correct operation of your watercraft. Among them are gauges for oil and fuel, ammeters (measuring current in circuits), tachometers, volt meters and water level gauges. Our 12V gauge selections can match Cummins, Detroit and Caterpillar engines and are all conveniently available on our website and ready to be shipped to you right away.

Electrical Gauges - 24 Volts

Diesel Pro 24-volt marine diesel engine gauges give you all the information necessary for boat owners to maintain and service their vessels. Should the battery need a charge or the fuel tank need replenishing, you will know well in advance. Also, the electrical hour meter gauge will clock the running time of your engine so you can reference other measurements, ampere usage or oil pressure (e.g., against the total elapsed time). This is significant information for those who want to get the most use of their boats without exceeding the capacity of their systems.

Gauges and Engines

Diesel Pro Power sells a vast array of engines and the parts they need. Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar Marine and Cummins are all well-represented among our stock of marine engines. Allison Marine and Twin Disk transmission parts are also available for order. Likewise, we keep a generous stock of spare engine parts for those inevitable occasions when a component reaches the end of its useful life. Fortunately, our website is designed to match whatever part you need to your engine model. In this way, we serve our customers through technological convenience.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Yet Diesel Pro Power offers more than convenience. We seek first to meet the needs of marine vessel owners and operators. Understanding that these needs are time-sensitive, we send out ordered parts within one day of order entry. Our products are fully covered by warranty and our website is completely safe against hackers and viruses. For those who would rather talk to a live specialist, we are reached at 1-888-433-4735 (U.S.) or 305-545-5588 (international). Our agents can walk you through the process and help explain everything to you, and we can even help you choose the right part. Diesel Pro Power gets this and makes quick turnaround a priority. We always ship our products within 24 hours.

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