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Diesel Engine Gauges

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We know that many things can depend on having high quality gauges for diesel engines. Diesel Pro's marine diesel gauges are the best on the market, with uses in many applications, including industrial settings, generator sets, automotive and more. 

Buy Gauges For Your Diesel Engine And Marine Gear Gauges Online

Are you tired of going out of your way to find replacement gauges at shops that may or may not have the item you need? You’re not alone, but thanks to web stores like Diesel Pro Power, there’s another option. Now, because more people choose to shop on internet sites than ever before, you can find diesel engine gauges for sale with little more than an online search and a few clicks.

By shopping online for your engine or transmission gauge, you can make sure that finding time to order it and doing quick price and type comparison becomes possible. One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that business hours are irrelevant. If you have a job or other responsibilities that make it difficult for you to get down to the shop during open hours, you can just sit down with your mobile device or computer in the evening and browse on your own time.

In addition, the internet makes it easy to do research on your own terms as you search for oil pressure, temperature, tachometer, voltmeter and other gauges for your engine or transmission parts online. Taking the information from the seller at a shop you trust is completely fine, but that data can be difficult to verify when you have doubts. It takes only a few minutes online to look up prices and reviews about a gauge so that you know you’re making the best decision.

Shopping for marine diesel engine gauges online can simplify your buying process and ensure that you find exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for a diesel engine monitoring gauge, a boat gauge or some other part, searching online instead of at a physical shop can save you extra energy and finances. We know you value your time, and this process is just one of many ways you can make your day easier.

Engine Gauges of the Highest Quality at Diesel Pro

All are made of premium material and from trusted manufacturers with a long history of performance and satisfaction. Our mechanical gauges and  electrical gauges of 12 and 24 Volts are compatible with the most popular brands including, but not limited to: 

  • Detroit Diesel
  • Cummins
  • John Deere
  • Twin Disc
  • Caterpillar
  • Perkins
  • Mack
  • Allison Marine

No matter what kind of gauge you need, look no further than Diesel Pro Power. We have a website that's accessible and easy to use so that you can effectively manage your time and find your gauge without the hassle of trying to use a difficult platform. Every gauge is laid out by type to give you easy access to all options.

For each gauge you buy, we offer you a 100% quality guarantee because we know quality is the most important factor in choosing any service. We'll work with you as much as it takes to help make sure you walk away satisfied with your purchase.

Even if for some reason we don’t have the type of gauge you need, we'll gladly help you find it. We pride ourselves on our high-quality gauges as well as our one-of-a-kind customer service. If you’re questioning whether or not Diesel Pro Power is the right online engine parts shop for you, you can contact us at time no matter what kinds of questions you have.

Shop the Industry’s Best Marine Diesel Gauges

Our industrial and marine gauges can help alert you to a variety of conditions, including measuring the hours of use for a particular engine, measuring the voltage and amps of the electrical supply, checking the fuel levels, relaying water levels and measuring engine speed. In addition, these gauges can help save time and effort later on, by quickly identifying where the engine might be having problems.

Our oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature gauges are critical to identifying a malfunctioning pump, bad blower, engine leaks and much more. If you don’t have any on your engine or transmission yet, we highly recommend that you consider buying one of these units. Even if they do not remain attached to the engine, it is a good idea to have one nearby, to help with diagnostics. In fact, many mechanics keep one on hand as a useful way to quickly identify problems. 

We also include a useful graphic to help with the installation process. Whenever you find the one that you want, simply click on the '+ Pictures' button. This will provide you with more product details, as well as having a useful link that will have clear, easy to read diagrams outlining the proper connections, installation and precautions. 

Replacement Parts for Marine Gauges and Engine Gauges

Already have a gauge but need to repair it? We’ve got you covered. We have engine gauge panels, senders, wiring kits, switches, alarms and much more. These will make repairing a unit, or installing a completely new unit, an easy process. 

From Cummins gauges to Caterpillar gauges and everything in between, we believe that a high-quality gauge will last you for many years and miles. We are proud to offer an industry leading one year warranty on all of our gauges. Simply put, we only sell items that we stand behind, that we would use ourselves. You should never have to worry about the information you're given. 

If you're in a hurry and need a gauge quickly, you can rest easy knowing that we ship all orders within 24 hours to make sure you get what you need as soon as you need it. Plus, we can ship by next-day air, so your part can get to you in very little time. Whenever you checkout, you will be presented with multiple options, so you can select the option that is best for budget and time considerations.

Order the Gauge You Need Today

Are you ready to start looking for the marine diesel engine gauge you need? If so, check out our wide selection of gauges available for your benefit If you want more information on our marine gauges or if there is anything else we can help you with, contact us and our team members will be happy to promptly help you.


Build the dashboard of your dreams with diesel gauges from Diesel Pro Power. Boat gauges don’t last forever, and when you’re ready for a replacement, we’ve got you covered. Diesel Pro Power offers a large selection of diesel engine gauges to help you get the best performance out of your boat. From mechanical gauges to 12 volt gauges, we have the best diesel gauges available for the lowest prices. Check out our collection and find the right diesel gauge set for your boat now!

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