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Marine Water Pumps For Diesel Engines

Marine Water Pumps for Diesel Engines

Diesel engines for marine vessels operate under a wide range of above- and below-surface conditions. Because of this, they must be made of rugged materials and durable assembly. One part that fortifies them against the weather and the resistance of currents is the water pump that moves sea water and freshwater through the engine for cooling and dewatering (i.e., expelling water from the ship's workings). Often designed to use centrifugal force, water pumps are an item in high demand at Diesel Pro Power. We proudly sell the following brands of marine water pumps:

  • Detroit Diesel
  • Cummins
  • Caterpillar
  • John Deere
  • Northern Lights
  • Westerbeke
  • Volvo Penta
  • Kohler
  • Yanmar
  • Onan (Cummins)
  • Scania
  • Perkins
  • Man

Diesel Pro Advantages for Marine Water Pumps for Diesel Engines

Given the large number of sea water and raw water pumps that correspond to an equally vast offering of engines, customers will find a useful partner in Diesel Pro Power. As an online retailer, we have designed a website that focuses closely on customer needs and quality service. Virtually any engine component or associated part is easily located, selected and ordered. Offering products from the most reputable manufacturers like Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar, Diesel Pro Power serves the owners of seafaring vessels by making premium replacement parts available at reasonable prices, and getting them to you quickly.

Impressive Inventory of Diesel Engine Marine Water Pump Parts

Diesel engine marine water pump parts work together to cool the engine, displacing heat and expelling water from the vessel. Essentially, they pull water from the ocean, lake or river, forcing it through the engine block and discharging it through the exhaust system. A variety of moving parts are involved in this process, and each of them experiences wear and corrosion over time. This is why Diesel Pro Power stocks its inventory with an abundance of diesel engine marine water pump components so we can supply the greatest number of customers.

Marine diesel engines are numerous and varied so we work overtime to keep high-demand items available. Fortunately, we make finding marine water pumps for Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, and other engines simple and direct. For example, Cummins pumps are designed for the multiple series of engine models developed for watercraft: B series, C series, L series and K series, to name a few. So, a replacement part shopper can easily locate the pump or part by selecting the category (marine pumps), the manufacturer (Cummins), the series (in this case, C) and the model in question. Once at the destination, the customer can choose the part in need of replacement—all in a few clicks.

Diesel Pro Power continuously replenishes its stock of diesel engine marine water pump parts. Among the expansive supply are:

1. Impellers – These are flexible rubber gears that create vacuum suction. This force then directs the raw water to—and through—the engine's cooling channels. One secret to maintaining an impeller for its maximum useful life is to avoid running it dry. This part is subject to wear and tear anyway, but it needs the water to stay lubricated. When the time comes for replacement, in any event, Diesel Pro is there with sturdy, reliable impellers.

2. Zinc plugs or anodes –Zinc is like the Secret Service to your cooling/heat exchanging system (i.e., it sacrifices itself to protect the other metallic components from the damaging elements of the sea). This protective role works because zinc releases its electrons faster than other metals do. The downside is that this metal does its job too well. In performing this function, the zinc anodes can wear out more quickly than other components. This is why we stock a wide variety of zinc plugs and provide them at affordable prices.

3. Raw water strainers – As zinc anodes defend against chemical corrosion, sea water strainers function to catch debris and other solids that can clog and otherwise upset the workings of the engine. These filters can extend the life of impellers and pumps by catching foreign objects before they flow into the cooling system. Most of the strainers for sale at Diesel Pro Power have clear housing so operators can easily detect when they need to be emptied or replaced. We have strainers that correspond with several different intake pipe sizes.

We sell all the well-known water pump brands, including Caterpillar, John Deere,Volvo Penta and many more.

Unparalleled Customer Service

As noted, our website is as user-friendly as they come. Still, sometimes only another human will do, preferably one with experience and expertise, who can understand the customers' wishes and easily guide them to the right parts. Our representatives are available at 1-888-433-4735 in the United States and 305-545-5588 in other parts of the world. They can answer any questions and clear up any confusion. We ship to anywhere in the world within 24 hours of receiving an order.

Reviews include:

"Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about products."

"Great service and if I need, I will purchase parts from them again."

"Incredible follow up, called literally less than an hour after delivery to make sure I received everything in good condition."

Easy Payment Options for Diesel Engine Marine Water Pumps

We receive payments in U.S. dollars or by wire transfer. Customers have the option of including taxes and import duties in their upfront payment or paying them on delivery.

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