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Twin Disc® Marine Transmission Parts

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Parts for Twin Disc® Marine Transmission

The transmission in a marine vessel is at the center of different operations. For one thing, it allows for reverse rotation of the crankshaft, allowing the boat or ship to maneuver with ease. Furthermore, the transmission mediates between engine and propeller, synchronizing the revolutions per minute (RPMs) between each of them. The transmission clutches, in tandem with hydraulic pressure, work in varying gear sets to produce zero rotation, clockwise rotation and counterclockwise revolutions. Needless to say, watercraft cannot successfully navigate without a functioning transmission. Diesel Pro Power is the one-stop retailer for Twin Disc marine transmission parts.

Diesel Pro Advantages for Twin Disc Marine Transmission Parts

Diesel Pro Power distinguishes itself by its abundant and diverse supply of diesel transmission parts on hand. Plus, the ordering experience is swift and satisfactory due to the ease of location and purchase on our convenient website. We take care to stock a broad selection of Twin Disc transmission technology. In addition, our inventory is applicable to pleasure craft, patrol boats, commercial ships and most every type of marine vessel. Meanwhile, customers have several options in terms of customer service and delivery.

Impressive Inventory of Twin Disc Marine Transmission Parts

Offering 20 gear models for Twin Disc marine transmission components, Diesel Pro Power arranges them for the quickest and simplest purchase transactions. Even transmission parts are subject to wear and tear; operators need timely fulfillment when it is time for a replacement.

Among our Twin Disc holdings are:

1. Rebuilt transmissions – Come with differing gear ratios. These represent the relative measurements of the transmission gears. In a marine transmission the ratio is determined by the circumference of each gear, which, in turn, affects the velocity of movement. Ship operators will select ratios according to their priority — speed, maneuverability and so on. The Twin Disc MG 509 rebuilds sold by Diesel Pro Power come with diverse gear ratios in each model, from 1.5:1 up to 4.5:1. The MG 520 rebuilt transmissions have gear ratios between 4.5:1 and 7.5:1. This last example will have the smaller gear spinning 7.5 times faster than the larger gear.

2. Block and couplings – Twin Disc replacement parts include block and coupling components. These are stabilizing elements in the transmission system. Couplings, for example, are designed to buffer the vibrations between engine and gearbox. Thrust blocks, for their part, backstop propeller shafts and absorb excess energy from the start, directing it to the hull. Our blocks serve the following Twin Disc transmissions: MG5111, MG5111A, MG5114, MG5114A, MG514A B, MG514C, MG518, MG516, MG521 and MG527. They are easily ordered from the Twin Disc page on the Diesel Pro website.

3. Transmission seals – These are seemingly insignificant, low-tech replacement parts. In fact, seals perform a vital role in the operation of the gearbox. Not only do they ward off leaks, they also help the transmission's thermal performance. Lip seals maintain the position of lubrication so that rotating parts receive ongoing greasing. They also shield the works against the gearbox against invasion by foreign material. Diesel Pro Power maintains an extensive line of such seals for transmission system models like the MG 521 and MG 527, among many others. Some single-lip seals have a dust lip attached.

4. Overhaul plate kit – Consists of replacement clutch plates. These components connect to both engine and transmission. The plate absorbs the force of the engine torque and simultaneously reduces the — noise level. Accordingly, the size of the plate should correspond to both the horsepower and torque of the engine. Given the beating these plates (sometimes called dampers) take, they do require overhaul and replacement from time to time. Diesel Pro Power stocks several sizes of clutch plates to accommodate customer needs. Overhaul plate kits are ready for purchase for such models as the MG 5075.

Unparalleled Customer Service

As noted above, Diesel Pro Power boasts a website that is easy to navigate and well-protected against hacking and malware. Customers can find and purchase their items within a few minutes. We do, nevertheless, recognize that a customer may need guidance about their purchase. This is why our expert representatives are standing by at 1-888-433-4735 (U.S.) or 305-545-5588 (international). Our goal is to give you all the information necessary to fulfill your transmission needs.

Buyers also have the option of paying any sales taxes and import charges at the time of purchase, sparing themselves the need for cash on delivery. Orders are processed within 24 hours and sent out our door to yours.

Easy Payment Options for Twin Disc Marine Transmission Parts

You can pay for Diesel Pro Power parts with U.S. dollars or by wiring funds for rapid and convenient service, so you can get your parts without any unneeded delays.

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