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Twin Disc® Marine Transmission Parts

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Diesel Pro is a leading supplier of parts for marine equipment, and we are excited to add Twin Disc marine transmission parts to our growing inventory of reliable, premium-grade items. For over 28 years we have been serving those who work on, and around, boats, and understand the need to keep the essential components in top condition, year after year. Shop our Twin Disc marine transmission parts today and get everything you need to keep on running smoothly.

Twin Disc: Powering Marine Applications and More for Over a Century

Founded in 1918, Twin Disc is renowned for manufacturing heavy-duty transmissions, power take-offs, clutches, torque converters and many more transmission components for the most demanding marine applications. Today, you can find Twin Disc parts and products in all manner of boats — including, but not limited to, heavy-duty commercial vessels, pleasure craft, high-speed commercial boats and law enforcement/patrol boats.
In addition, land-based applications of Twin Disc products can be found in fire, rescue, construction, military, agriculture, forestry, refuse and recycling equipment.

Twin Disc Replacement Parts

Since the marine transmission is a key link between the motor and the propeller, it only makes sense to take precautions to make sure it continues to perform.

The first step is to locate the nameplate. This small piece of metal contains very valuable information, including the model number. We separate all of the parts by model number, so be sure to check here before ordering any parts. This will ensure that you will not run into any problems later on. The nameplate also contains other valuable information, such as the recommended maintenance frequency, type of oil, oil viscosity, and what the oil pressure should be for the unit. The oil pressure value is usually for cruising speed, which is about two-thirds of full throttle.

Did you know that Twin Disc makes and services the marine transmission for all of the major engine parts manufacturers such as Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar? Skip the trip to the manufacturer and buy Twin Disc products, including Twin Disc marine gears and transmission parts, online from Diesel ProPower. With our customer-centric online store, you can avoid the hassle of traveling to a brick-and-mortar distributor only to find out they don’t have the right part in stock — or need to order it and make you wait even longer. .

Shop Our Most Popular Items

One of our best sellers is our gasket and seal kits. If you notice excessive oil around your transmission, if the oil pressure is low, or if the oil levels are low, then this kit is an absolutely key item to purchase. Our kits come with everything you will need for to perform the repair, including the following:

• The seals. The seal usually sits in the retainer, in the front of the housing. This is where the shaft meets the transmission body and is crucial to keeping the pressure at the proper PSI. To determine the right PSI, check the nameplate.

• O-rings and snap rings. These small parts serve a vital purpose, keeping the shaft and seals in place. These items are small in order to fit into the limited space inside the gear unit. However, with time these pieces can warp and need to be replaced. Ours are made from high-quality metals and are built to last.

•Gaskets. Whenever the unit is taken apart, the gaskets must be replaced. All of our kits come with all of the gaskets that will have to be replaced after servicing.

•Tube of sealant. This sealant is applied to the nuts and bolts to ensure that they will not move out of place from vibration or during normal operation.

Whether you’re shopping for our most popular item or a hard-to-find component, you don’t have to worry about long wait times when you choose Diesel Pro Power for all your aftermarket Twin Disc marine parts. We don’t just stock fast-moving items and special order the rest like so many of our competitors do. Instead, we keep the widest inventory possible on hand — including fast-, medium- and slow-moving parts — so the overwhelming majority of components are ready to ship from our warehouse within 24 hours of receiving your order.
Don’t have time to wait? Shop Diesel Pro Power and maximize your uptime!

Always Know Where You’re At With an Oil Pressure Gauge

Another popular item is our oil pressure gauge. Though this is an optional piece of equipment, it serves a very important purpose. Knowing the oil pressure can help diagnose problems with:

• Oil pump malfunctions.

• Clogged suction screen or strainer.

• Air leaks in the system.

• Stuck regulator valves, broken rings or bad seals.

• Oil level too low for safe operation, or the wrong type of oil was used.

• Problems with the heat exchanger, including leaks into the raw water.

We offer several gauges, both mechanical and electrical. These items are heavy duty and measure up to 400 PSI, so you can buy with confidence knowing that our gauge will stand up to the toughest conditions.
We also carry several oil strainers as well. These items help to filter out any impurities or clogs that can occur with normal use. If this item is damaged, it should be replaced promptly, otherwise more serious harm can come to your Twin Disc marine transmission.

Get The Twin Disc Marine Transmission Parts You Need, Fast

If you know the model, click on the list below to select it or refer to the nameplate to find which Twin Disc model you have. Our site will take you to a list of parts we have immediately available for that particular transmission. 
If you’re looking for a specific part and don’t see it, we can get that part ordered and shipped to you directly within 24 hours. In fact, all of our orders ship within 24 hours. 
You don’t want to wait for the part you need, and you shouldn’t have to. If you have any questions at all, give us a call or send us a quick message. Our team will get back to you promptly.

Benefits of Choosing Diesel Pro Power

Of course, you have the freedom to choose whom you order Detroit Diesel replacement parts from. We make sure that when you choose Diesel Pro Power as your engine parts supplier, you’re 100% happy with your choice. Along with affordably priced products and one of the most extensive inventories of Detroit Diesel parts in the aftermarket industry, we’re proud to offer the following benefits:

• 24-hour worldwide shipping: When repairs need to be made, time is critical. So, when we say door-to-door worldwide shipping that ships most orders from our huge inventory within 24 hours, we mean it. Our customer service staff will always work with you to choose the delivery method that best suits your needs.

• Excellent customer service: Just because you use your computer to order parts doesn’t mean you should have a second-rate customer experience. Yes, we cut out the hassle of long trips to brick-and-mortar parts suppliers, but we also have qualified service staff online who are ready to answer all your questions and make sure your equipment needs are fully met.

• Great reviews: With more than 15,000 satisfied customers, we must be doing something right, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our collection of reviews and testimonials from real customers — many of whom shop with us repeatedly.

• Easy-to-navigate site: Quickly find the part you need, whether you’re an expert or not. Our site is both fully secure and purposely designed with ease-of-use in mind. If for some reason you don’t receive the part you need, our return policy is a simple, hassle-free process, as well.

The best part about shopping Diesel Pro Power is that whether you’re looking for a specific part for your Detroit Diesel turbo or a complete engine rebuild kit, you can always count on the high quality of all our parts — guaranteed! If you still have questions? To learn more about our wide selection of Detroit Diesel replacement parts, contact us today.

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