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Cummins Camshaft Bearing Set Diesel engine partsCummins Camshaft Bearing Set Diesel engine partsCummins Camshaft Bearing Set Diesel engine parts

Cummins Marine Camshafts

Every component in your marine diesel engine works to keep your boat running safely and efficiently. Over time, the parts in your engine will wear down, impacting your boat's performance. When it's time to replace components in your boat's inboard engine, make sure to choose an option that matches its make and model. At Diesel Pro Power, we make it easy to find all the replacement parts you need to keep your boat on the water.

We carry a wide range of parts for marine boat engines, including Cummins marine camshaft parts. The camshaft drives the fuel injector and valves, causing them to open and close at precise intervals. A worn or broken camshaft can lead to misfiring, increased emissions and other problems that could negatively impact your boat's utility. It's important to find an appropriate replacement as quickly as possible once you've identified a camshaft issue.

Are you looking for camshaft parts to upgrade or repair your Cummins marine engine? There's no need to spend hours searching a store for the right component. You can easily order parts from Diesel Pro Power online. Just search for the exact component you need or browse our selection by engine series.

B Series Cummins Camshafts

At Diesel Pro Power, we offer replacement parts for many Cummins B series engines. This series includes the 4B 3.9, 4BT 3.9, 4BTA 3.9, 6B 5.9, 6BT 5.9 and 6BTA 5.9 as well as ISB and QSB models. In our selection, you can find new Cummins camshaft bushings for sale and valve lifters for engines built before and after 2003.

C Series Cummins Camshafts

The C series includes the 6C 8.3, 6CT 8.3, 6CTA 8.3, ISC and QSC engines. You can upgrade or repair your Cummins camshaft using our Cummins camshaft bushing set, push rods, valve lifters or gear housing gaskets. We back all our Cummins marine camshaft parts with our 100% quality guarantee, so you can expect to receive a defect-free part that meets OEM specifications.

855 Series Cummins Camshafts

We offer Cummins camshafts and camshaft parts for NH 855 and NT 855 engines, including oil seals for the fan hub and bushing to fit Big Cam models. These engines are engineered to handle higher fuel injection pressures than other marine engines.

K Series Cummins Camshafts

In our extensive selection, you can find camshafts, push rods, rollers, lock plates and other camshaft components for Cummins engines in the K series. If you own a KTA 19, KTA 38, KTA 50 or QSK 19, you can locate the components you need quickly and have them shipped right to your door, no matter where in the world you're located.

Order the Marine Engine Parts You Need From Diesel Pro Power

At Diesel Pro Power, we understand how important it is to select the correct parts when repairing a marine engine. Whether you need to tackle a simple repair or a complete Cummins marine camshaft upgrade, our friendly customer care team can answer your questions and guide you to the right components for your boat.

Order the Cummins camshaft you need today or reach out to us to learn more about our camshafts for sale.

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