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Cummins Fuel Filters Primary SecondaryCummins Fuel Filters Primary SecondaryCummins Fuel Filters Primary Secondary

Cummins Fuel Filters

Your marine diesel engine needs clean fuel to function safely and efficiently. While out on the water, contaminants often make their way inside the engine. Water, rust, dirt and wax can lower the effectiveness of your boat's fuel. That's why it's important to protect your boat's engine with high-performance fuel filters. A fuel filter works to keep your boat on the water by removing harmful contaminants before they reach the engine.

Some marine diesel engines use a single fuel filter, while others feature primary and secondary filters for an extra level of protection. Over time, any kind of fuel filter can become clogged. When this happens, you need to install a replacement as soon as possible to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your boat's engine — a bad filter can lead to stalling, misfiring and lower fuel efficiency. At Diesel Pro Power, we carry a wide range of fuel filters for Cummins engines.

When you need to replace a Cummins diesel fuel filter, you want to find the exact part you need fast. Our easy-to-use website allows you to search for fuel filters by engine series or part number, so there's no need to spend hours going from store to store. We also ship orders worldwide within 24 hours so you can get your boat running as soon as possible.

Cummins B Series Fuel Filters

At Diesel Pro Power, we carry Cummins fuel filters and water separator filter units for B series engine models including the 4B3.9, 4BT3.9, 6B5.9, 6BT5.9, ISB4.5, ISB6.7, QSB4.5 and QSB6.7. In addition to user-friendly and premium filter options, we offer the filter removal wrench you will need to replace fuel filters efficiently.

Cummins C Series Fuel Filters

For C series engines, we offer user-friendly, regular and spin-on type fuel filters as well as Racor fuel and water separators with various filter element types. If you're not sure which Cummins diesel fuel filters will work with your specific engine model, let us know — our friendly customer care team is always happy to help you find what you need.

Cummins 855 Series Fuel Filters

We offer a variety of Cummins marine diesel fuel filters for NH 855 and NT 855 boat engines. Like all our products, these filters come backed by our 100% quality guarantee. You can count on the primary and secondary filters you choose to remove contaminants effectively and live up to their expected lifespans.

Cummins K Series Fuel Filters

Engines in the K series include the KTA 19, QSK 19,  KTA 38 and KTA 50. Keep your engine clean with the filters or filter units in our inventory, all available at affordable prices. You can purchase just what you need or order a few spares for future use.

Order Fuel Filters From Diesel Pro Power Today

At Diesel Pro Power, we work hard to get you the Cummins engine parts you need, whenever and wherever you need them. Join more than 15,000 satisfied customers by placing an order for Cummins marine fuel filters today. You can also contact us online for more information or call 888-433-4735 in the U.S. or 305-545-5588 internationally.

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