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Cummins Mechanical and Electric GaugesCummins Mechanical and Electric GaugesCummins Mechanical and Electric Gauges

Cummins Gauges

Each component of your boat's engine contributes to its overall safety and performance. Marine diesel gauges can help you understand your boat's performance by displaying information about important functions, such as oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level and water level. Some gauges are mounted on the console, allowing you to assess operations at a glance. Other gauges assist mechanics during repairs and remain hidden from view while on the water.

The right marine gauges make it easier to monitor the condition of your Cummins engine. Over time, however, moisture and harsh conditions can cause these devices to stop functioning. When it's time to replace one of your boat's gauges, you can find the parts you need at Diesel Pro Power.

When you order Cummins diesel gauges through our easy-to-use website, you can find high-quality parts suited to your engine model without spending time at a store. We carry all the parts you need to replace existing Cummins marine gauges or add new gauges to your boat. We also ship orders worldwide within 24 hours, so you can finish upgrades quickly and get your boat back on the water.

B Series Cummins Marine Gauges

At Diesel Pro Power, we carry both mechanical and electrical gauges for Cummins engines in the B series. Choose from mechanical gauges with and without alarms and 12-volt and 24-volt electrical gauges. We also offer complete stainless steel gauge panels that can be configured to meet your needs. Engines in the B series include ISB and QSB models as well as the 4B 3.9, 4BT 3.9, 4BTA 3.9, 6B 5.9, 6BT 5.9 and 6BTA 5.9 engines.

C Series Cummins Marine Gauges

Our extensive selection includes oil pressure gauges, water temperature gauges, oil temperature gauges, tachometers, hourmeters, ammeters and other Cummins gauges for ISC, QSC, 6C 8.3, 6CT 8.3 and 6CTA 8.3 Cummins engines. We also offer compatible accessories like tachometer cables, starter buttons, panels and alarm system sirens. You can find all the components you require in one convenient location.

855 Series Cummins Marine Gauges

When replacing Cummins diesel gauges for your NH 855 or NT 855 engine, you want to find options that will perform well and provide accurate readings. At Diesel Pro Power, we back all our Cummins marine diesel gauges with a 100% quality guarantee. You can expect to receive gauges that meet or exceed OEM specifications and arrive free of defects.

K Series Cummins Marine Gauges

Engines in the K series include the QSK 19, KTA 19, KTA 38 and KTA 50. You can easily find Cummins gauges for one of these engines in our selection — just search by part number or gauge type. If you're not sure which gauge or component will best meet your expectations, please let us know. Our friendly staff members can answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.

Order Cummins Gauges From Diesel Pro Power

For almost three decades, Diesel Pro Power has impressed over 15,000 customers and shipped products to more than 200 countries. Whether you need to replace a single component or an entire instrument panel, we can provide the Cummins gauges you need at competitive prices. Order your gauges online or contact us for more information today.

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