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Cummins Sensors Coolant Temperature Position PressureCummins Sensors Coolant Temperature Position PressureCummins Sensors Coolant Temperature Position Pressure

Cummins Engine Sensors

Your marine engine's sensors deliver critical information to your dashboard and allow components to operate together properly. When your Cummins engine needs a new sensor, we can help you find the right product and get it to you as fast as possible. Find your engine model on this page, and we'll show you the compatible parts we have in stock.

Types of Cummins Marine Sensors Available

We help our customers keep their boating operations safe with quality sensors from Cummins. The sensors that we sell handle vital elements of your engine's function, including:

  • Coolant and oil temperature: Cummins engines feature standalone coolant and oil temperature sensors as well as sensors that can detect both. These parts communicate your engine temperature to your dashboard gauges.
  • Position for crankshaft and camshaft: Your motor's camshaft and crankshaft sensors determine the position of these parts in relation to each other to ensure that everything runs properly. Our Cummins crankshaft and camshaft sensors can get your engine going again if a faulty sensor makes it stop working correctly.
  • Turbo boost pressure: If your engine includes a turbo, it needs a specialized pressure sensor to maintain its air/fuel balance. We can help you replace your turbo boost pressure sensor when it malfunctions and affects your acceleration.
  • Intake manifold temperature and pressure: Since the intake manifold distributes fuel and air in your engine, its sensors need to work properly to keep your engine healthy. Our selection of Cummins parts includes sensors for the intake manifold's temperature and pressure.

Find Your Cummins Engine Series

Our inventory of Cummins sensors works with a variety of engine series, including these popular models:

  • B Series: 4B, 4BT, 4BTA, 6B, 6BT, 6BTA, ISB and QSB
  • C Series: ISC, QSC, 6C, 6CT and 6CTA
  • 855 Series: NH 855 and NT 855
  • K Series: QSK and KTA

Why Shop Diesel Pro Power?

More than 15,000 satisfied customers have shopped at Diesel Pro Power because we deliver:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction: All of our new parts have a one-year warranty on their construction and materials to ensure your satisfaction with our products. Our sales team can also assist at any time to make sure that you have the best experience possible.
  • Simple parts shopping: We designed our website to make it easy for anyone to find parts. Narrow your search down by brand, series and model, and we'll show you the compatible parts available in our inventory.
  • Fast shipping across the world: Our warehouse ships products out by truck, air or water within 24 hours of purchase. We offer a wide range of shipping options, including worldwide delivery. Diesel Pro Power customers come from more than 200 countries thanks to our global presence.

Get Cummins Diesel Sensors Online

You can depend on us to deliver the Cummins sensors your engine needs to run in top condition. Ask for assistance at any time by calling us at 888-433-4735 (United States) or 305-545-5588 (worldwide). We also have an after-hours assistance form that you can fill out after our office closes.

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