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Cummins Turbochargers Turbos Aftercoolers AirsepCummins Turbochargers Turbos Aftercoolers AirsepCummins Turbochargers Turbos Aftercoolers Airsep

Cummins Turbochargers

The old expression of "running on fumes" means that the real fuel is exhausted and the vehicle is burning residual gases. Exhaust, then, or fumes, can serve as fuel in and of itself. If it's combustible, it has energy value. This is why ship engines have turbochargers, to recycle those exhaust gases and make the engine operate more efficiently. Cummins turbochargers get the job done for all kinds of marine engines by drawing gas in via turbine mechanisms and then compressing it for productive use by the engine. Diesel Pro Power carries Cummins diesel turbocharger models and replacement parts.

Diesel Pro Advantages for Cummins Turbos

Getting a turbocharger for a Cummins engine is fast and uneventful when you order with Diesel Pro Power. Our comprehensive website is easy to negotiate as users can find their desired model and/or part by searching category, engine series or serial number. We boast of a consistent record for on-time deliveries and make customer service a primary task.

Impressive Inventory of Cummins Turbocharger Parts

Cummins turbochargers serve a wide variety of Cummins turbocharged engines. These are present in boats, ships and vessels of multiple dimensions and functions. Due to the turbocharger's air compression role, the engine might require a customized part for air filtration. The Cummins turbochargers and parts that make up our inventory can make those engines that receive air naturally perform more economically or simply restore turbocharged engines to optimal function.

Complementing the turbochargers, we sell retrofitted AIRSEP crankcase systems that arrest the oil particles as the exhaust works its way through the engine to keep the intake as free of particulate matter as possible. In addition, you can add air cleaners that kick in when intake grows in volume. Gaskets provide the sealing to head off any leakage of exhaust fumes. These, and other components, are all available on the Diesel Pro Power website. Mounting hardware and engine paint are also ready for purchase.

1. Turbocharged B Series engines – While the 4B is naturally aspirated, it can always be converted to turbocharge. Meanwhile, the 4B and 4BTA are designed as turbocharged engines. The six-cylinder models, i.e., 6B, 6BT and 6BTA, are similarly configured but with natural aspiration. Also turbocharged by design are the ISB and QSB engines. Cummins turbo parts sold by Diesel Pro encompass the AIRSEP, mounting gaskets, exhaust manifold outlet connection gasket, O-ring for aftercooler, jointing compound, hump hose and air cleaner.

2. Turbocharged C Series engines – These models, namely the 6C, 6CT, 6CTA, ISC and QSC, are straight, six-cylinder models with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel system that release less carbon in their emissions. Many C series engines have a variable geometry turbocharger for Cummins engines where the aspect ratio, basically its geometric shape, is adjustable according to external conditions. Internal vanes within the turbo housing make this possible.

3. Turbocharged K Series engines – QSK and KTA engines can both accommodate turbochargers. These tough and sturdy engines are designed to be fuel efficient. Cummins turbochargers make them even more so. The inline, six-cylinder engines already maintain water-cooled exhaust manifolds to diminish emissions and keep a lower working temperature.

4. Turbocharged 855 Series engines – NH855 and NT855 engines are inline, six-cylinder versions that are used in watercraft as well as in mining operations.

We also offer complimentary items such as oil filters and oil coolers. Want to overhaul your motor? At Diesel Pro, we also provide overhaul kits and can walk you through the process and let you know what comes with it.

When buying from us directly at the warehouse, you will find that our prices are lower since there’s no middleman. Not only that, you’ll get your part sooner since we send out parts within 24 hours.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Of course, Diesel Pro Power is not the only distributor of Cummins engine parts. Yet we do provide uniquely quick and responsive customer service: online, through our website, and yes, even over the telephone at 1-888-433-4735 in the U.S. or 305-545-5588 for overseas customers. Once ordered, the turnaround time is about 24 hours before the order is packed and shipped right to your door. Give us a call, and we can get on it immediately, and we can even walk through the process and make sure that you choose the right part for your needs.

Easy to Find Your Cummins Diesel Turbocharger and Other Parts

Our Diesel Pro website is practical for those who aren’t that good with technology. We make the part you need nearly instantly accessible on our safe, secure site and user-friendly website. Orders are processed within a day, then on their way, fully warrantied with all charges paid, so you don’t have to fret about extra costs.

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