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High quality Detroit 60 Series parts shipped straight to you fast. That is our promise at Diesel Pro. All of our parts, including Detroit 60 Series starter parts, are manufactured to exacting specifications, and backed by our leading one-year warranty on new parts. That is why Diesel Pro is a better way to buy Detroit Diesel parts online. Keep reading for more information on Detroit 60 Series parts, engine specs, maintenance, overhaul requirements, and more.

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Detroit 60 Series General Engine Information+

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 is a four cycle engine that has 7 main bearings. All engines in this series have an eight digit engine model number that begins with 606, such as 6067SK60. The serial number will be similar to 6R123456, and will always contain a 6R.

If you are unsure which size engine you have, refer to the model number on the engine. For the 11.1 liter engine, the 5 th digit will be a W, L, E or S, such as 606xWxxx. For the 12.7 liter engine, the 5th digit will be a M, T or G and be similar to 606xMxxx. For the 14 liter engine, this digit will be an F or H, such as 606xFxxx.

The recommended lubricating oil for this engine is SAE 15W-40 Oil. In locations where the temperatures are below -4 degrees F, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30 or 10W-40 can also be used.

Normal coolant temperature is 190 degrees F.

Is it Time for a Detroit 60 Series Overhaul Kit?+

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 lives up to its heritage as a tough engine that will last for years with proper care. A key part of that is overhauling an engine when it is needed.  Detroit 60 Series overhaul kit options that make this process a little easier, by combining the parts that are essential to the process, such as cylinder liners, ring sets, piston pins, gaskets and much more.

Should you perform an overhaul? Here are some scenarios where you should consider overhauling:

• You have an older engine, especially one that has not been used in years. A common sign of an engine needing an overhaul is a loss of engine power or poor performance.

• Inspect the piston rings. Check to see if they are cracked, have pits or burrs.

• Look at the piston dome, or top part of the piston. Check the fire ring grooves, which are located on the top of the dome. Look for signs that it is worn to the point that it no longer forms a groove, or has an uneven groove.

• Check the piston pin, which attaches the bottom of the piston (or skirt) to the dome. Look for any signs of cracking or warping, such as from overheating.

• Check the cylinder liners as well for any scores, scratches or cracks.

Prepping a Detroit Series 60 for Work+

In order to start any major overhaul, the following steps need to be taken to properly prep your Detroit Series 60.

Step one- Disconnect the battery cables.

Step two- Remove the drain plug and open the drain cocks in the oil cooler, cylinder block, thermostat housing and Detroit Series 60 water pump to drain all of the coolant.

Step three- Drain the lubricating oil.

Step four- Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter and cylinder head.

Step five- Remove the air cleaner and any air cooler ducts.

Step six- Disconnect the turbo charger and the DDEC.

Step seven- Remove the cranking motor, alternator and air compressor.

Step eight- Remove parts related to coolant system, such as hoses, air cooler, and radiator.

Step nine- After connecting a lifting device to the two lifting brackets in the front and the one in the back. Then, the transmission can be disconnected.

Step ten- Remove the engine mounting bolts and lift engine out. Place on an acceptable stand to then disassemble and perform overhauls. See 'Servicing the Cylinders' below for info on gaining access to the cylinders for an overhaul.

Servicing the Cylinders+

The steps to service the cylinders on your Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine are listed here, and can be used as a guideline for the process. This work should always be done by a person who is experienced with engines and should be used as a general guide. Be sure to note the location of all items that are removed to ensure that they are replaced properly.

Step one- Make sure the engine is prepped such as draining the cooling system, removing the exhaust pipe and removing the air cleaner. Disconnect the oil supply, drain lines and turbocharger.

Step two- Seal the compressor inlet and discharge on the turbocharger, such as with masking tape, and remove.

Step three- Remove the intake manifold, radiator, valve rocker cover, camshaft and rocker arms. If Jake Brakes ® are equipped, remove them here.

Step four- At the back of the cylinder head, there will be a fuel inlet and outlet lines. Remove these and blow air into the head to remove all fuel. Disconnect the wire harnesses that hold the injectors.

Step five- The harness mounting flange can then be removed by pulling the harness through the hole in the cylinder head.

Step six- Remove all of the injectors by disconnecting the wires going to them, and removing the clamp that hold them down. Be sure to not remove the screws from the injector. Be sure to also replace the O-rings for the injector.

Step seven- Remove the stabilizer on the corner of the cylinder head. Remove the cylinder head bolts. The cylinder head can now be removed. An eyelet can be attached to make the process easier.

Step eight- Clean the top of the cylinder liner. Remove the bearing cap and bearing shell from the connecting rod. The piston and rod assembly can then be pushed through the top of the block. Please note it cannot be removed from the bottom.

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