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6V92, 8V92, 12V92, 16V92 Superchargers

The 92 series from Detroit Diesel is a hearty, large engine that ranges from 9 to 24 liters in size. An engine of this size absolutely needs clean air to be delivered to the combustion chamber to work effectively, and so a fully functional, properly maintained blower or supercharger is key.   This page contains all of the superchargers for the V92 series engines we carry, including the 6V92, 8V92, 12V92 and the 16V92.   Our website is designed with you, our customer, in mind, and so we have made it easy to navigate and find exactly the part you want. If you are unsure for any reason, please feel free to click on chat or give us a call and we will help you.   We can also help you located parts that are hard to find, simply click on the icon of the magnifying glass above.  Our recommendation engine will quickly recommend parts when you select them, simply click on the product you want to buy and it will highlight other products you should consider.

92 Series Superchargers | Recommendations

If you are performing a major project, such as replacing a supercharger, then be sure to double check a few other parts to make sure your time is used the best way it can be. For example, check any small pieces that can warp over time. These include bolts, washers, retainer rods, and the like. These inexpensive pieces can cause large problems, such as the migration of the superchargers components migrating away from where they need to be. Be sure to also check the general maintenance items. Replacing these parts when you have the engine disassembled can save you time later on. These items include air intake screens, air filters and air cleaners, which can directly affect the amount of air the supercharger can take in.

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