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Detroit 16V92 Parts and Information

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Detroit Diesel 16V92Detroit Diesel 16V92Detroit Diesel 16V92

Parts for Detroit Diesel 16V92

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Parts for Detroit Diesel 16V92

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This engine will have a model number that starts with 816, such as 8167-7301. The serial number will start 16VF, such as 16VF1234. If you do not know your model or serial number, check the engine block for these numbers.

General Information

The Detroit 16V92 is a two cycle engine with 16 cylinders, 10 main bearings, and a displacement of 24.14 liters.

This engine uses 14.5 gallons of coolant and up to 87 quarts of oil, with a minimum of 63 quarts of oil needed for safe operation. The turbo engine uses slightly less (see section below.)

Lubricating oil should be SAE viscosity of 40, or with an API classification of CF-2. Oil should not have more than 1% sulfated ash. High temperature operation, above 200 degrees F, requires a lubricating oil with a monograde of SAE grade 50. For low temperature operation (not including marine engines), in an environment of 25 degrees F or lower, SAE 30 or SAE 15W-40 may be used. Replace with monograde SAE 40 lubricant as soon as temperatures climb above 25 degrees F.

Oil should be changed every 6000 miles for stop and go conditions, up to every 15000 miles for highway use. For marine units, change the oil every 150 hours of operation.

Detroit 16V92 TA (Turbo Aftercooled) Specs and Information

The values below are based on a 16V92TA with a T18A90 Turbocharger and 1.32 Turbine.

Normal coolant temperature should be between 160-185 degrees F.

Normal compression pressure is 500 PSI (based on sea level altitude) at 600 RPM. The minimum needed for proper operation is 450 PSI.

Lubricating oil capacity is 67 quarts, with a low of 55 quarts.

Normal lubricating oil capacity is 50-70 PSI. The minimum needed is 28 PSI at 1800 RPM or 30 for higher RPM speeds.

Normal lubricating oil temperature is between 200-250 degrees F.

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