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Parts for Detroit Diesel 3-53

We have a full selection of parts for the 353 Detroit engine, delivered to you fast. That is why many of customers have become customers for life, returning to us whenever they need additional parts for other projects. Select a section below to buy parts or call us if you need any help.

This engine is a two cycle engine and uses many of the same parts as others in the 53 series. It has 3 cylinders, and a displacement is 159 inches cubed or 2.61 liters. There are a total of 4 main bearings. This engine weighs 1110 pounds.

As with other engines, this engine can have different names depending on the user. To clarify, this engine is also called the 3-53 or the 3 53.

The model number is an eight digit number, an example would be 5035-1201. The first digit is for the series, and will always begin with a 5 for any engine in the 53 series. The next two digits indicate the number of cylinders. For this model, the model number will start with 503x-xxxx. If you find the serial number instead, this number will contain a '3D' in it, and be something similar to 3D0186921.

The 353 Detroit Diesel engine uses a lubricating oil with a SAE viscosity of 40, or the military specification of Mil-L-2104D. If the engine is going to be used in temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is better to use SAE grade 50 lubricant. For temperatures below freezing, SAE 30 can be used. This is also called 15W-40, and is only for non-marine engines. Never use 15W-40 in a marine engine.

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