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Parts for Detroit Diesel 8V53 Turbo

We have an extensive inventory of products for the 8V53 Detroit Diesel at lowest prices with fast shipping. That is the Diesel Pro difference. Whether you need a new head, new supercharger, starter or anything else, we carry parts that you can rely on. Plus, you can rest assured with the peace of mind that comes with a one-year warranty on new items. Simply put, you will not find a warranty like this at many other places, especially not when buying from a classified ad. We want to make ordering parts online to be fast, easy and inexpensive. Fast because we offer many shipping options, and process orders quickly, within one business day. We can also send packages by next-day air to many locations, so you can get a part anywhere in the country, and even internationally, in a very short amount of time. We make the ordering process easier too, because we designed our website to work without the hassle of needing part numbers. We keep costs down by offering you manufacturer direct pricing, so you can get the right part without the huge markup you will find at many stores. Simply select any part below to get started. Try us and you will agree: Diesel Pro is an easier way to get Diesel parts online.

If there is any doubt as to which type of engine you have, look for the model number or the serial number on the engine block. The model number will always be an eight digit code, such as 5081-3000. Parts on this page work with engine models that start with 508. It is important to note that if you have a model number that has a 3 for the eight digit, such as 5081-3300 then you have a turbo engine.

These engines also have a serial number associate with them. This number will start with an 8D followed by numbers, such as 8D 123456.

This engine is also called the V8-53 or the 8V-53.

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