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Detroit Diesel Long Blocks

Detroit Diesel Engine or Long Block, which should I buy?

We are excited to offer Detroit Diesel long blocks for sale. These items are meticulously built by professional and certified Diesel mechanics, and thoroughly inspected to make sure they stand up to Diesel Pro's high standards. These blocks come with the following components installed: crankshaft, connecting rods, cylinder liners, pistons, pushrods, camshaft, end plates, gear train and cylinder head. Whether you are a mechanic, owner, or anyone else who works around Detroit Diesel engines, our long blocks offer a great alternative to buying a complete engine.

Advantages of buying a long block versus a complete engine

Our long blocks are ready to ship the same day, and get to you quicker. Purchasing a complete engine takes longer, and requires a 12 week lead time. Plus, our long blocks are built-to-order, so you will get a clean unit that has not been sitting in storage.

Long blocks can be shipped to you at a lower rate. Complete engines generally require higher shipping costs given the size and dimensions. We thoroughly clean and drain our complete engines, however shipping companies still charge more due to them containing residual fuel and oil.

Our long blocks are also a great option because you can get replace the 'heart' of your engine, and choose which peripheral parts to buy, such as water pumps, oil pumps, turbochargers and more. This allows you greater control, and to only pay for the parts you need. We have them all in stock, so you can choose the parts based on your preferences, which is an economical alternative to buying a complete engine.

Another key advantage is that these long blocks allow better customization. With all of the options available for Detroit Diesel engines, it can be difficult to find a complete engine that is an exact match to the one you already have. With our long blocks, you can select the parts that are a perfect match based on your engines specifications and orientation.

How our long blocks save you time, and money

We all know that Detroit engine blocks are made to last, and are known for their longevity with proper maintenance. Over time, the heat and pressure will warrant that certain engine parts will need to be replaced. The question is, what is the most efficient and economical way to replace these items? The answer is: as quickly as possible. The longer your engine stays in the shop, the more you have to pay for labor. Many components have to be removed to service the inner parts of the engine, so this means that if you replace several components over a year, most of your costs will be dedicated to taking the engine apart and putting it back together. Replacing several key parts at once means you only need to disassemble and reassemble once, saving you hundreds of dollars or more.

In addition, when you calculate the costs of each component that comes included with the block, and then calculate the labor costs to put each part in, you soon realize that buying a long block is a much cheaper option than buying and installing each piece by itself.

Great option for businesses

Many people rely on these engines to power boats or industrial engines, and if these engines are not working, it can mean your businesses loses revenue.

Consider if you have a cracked cylinder head and a bad crankshaft, it might seem cheaper to only buy a new head and crankshaft. However, when you factor in the loss of profit, and the labor costs, you quickly realize that installing our long block would be quicker and allow you to get back to work (and back to earning money) faster. Plus, you get the peace of mind in knowing that you have replaced the most vital components, and you will have an engine that performs like new. Since our long blocks are less expensive than complete engines, this is also a great way to keep your business' costs down.

6 month warranty on all long blocks

We believe in what we sell, and only sell premium Detroit Diesel parts. We apply this philosophy to our long blocks. We know that if you buy one, you will be satisfied with your purchase, which is why we offer a leading 6 month warranty. Simply put: you will not find a warranty like this from many other sellers. Call us today to learn more.

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