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Detroit Diesel Power Take Off Parts

Whether you are an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast who wants to work on your vehicle's engine or you are an automotive technician preparing to complete a project for a customer, you may be searching for quality engine parts at a fair price. At Diesel Pro Power, we carry a superior selection of products that are suitable for use with a wide range of engine types, and this includes power takeoff supplies and components. This is an important device in a diesel engine because it serves the vital role of transferring mechanical power from the engine to the other parts of the machine where the power is needed. This is a common part that is used with many types of diesel engines, and you can easily find the right model for your engine through our website.

When you are searching for the best engine components that are designed specifically for use with your engine type, you do not need to look beyond Diesel Pro Power for all of your needs. There are numerous engine models that are found in tractors, vehicles, watercraft and more, and it can be a time-consuming challenge to try to locate the ideal parts for your engine time. When you are shopping for a new power takeoff device for your engine, use our website to locate the part you need within a matter of minutes. While there may be several auto parts stores located close to your home or workplace, you do not have to waste your time searching through crowded shelves trying to identify the part that is ideally made for your engine. You can complete the entire process of ordering your power takeoff device within a matter of minutes, and you can sit back and relax knowing that the part you ordered, whether it’s for a 4-53 or a 6V71, is being shipped right to you.

Of course, when you need to purchase engine components for a repair or upgrade project, you also need to think about quality. After all, the last thing you want is to spend your time installing shoddy components into an engine. Through Diesel Pro Power, you can always count on us to send you quality parts that are designed to hold up well for years to come.

Our Power Takeoff Clutch Selection

Our Detroit Diesel power takeoff inventory consists of products for 53, 71 and 92 Series engines.

Detroit Diesel Series 53

The Series 53 is a naturally aspirated two-cycle engine introduced in 1957. It contains a roots-type blower that facilitates scavenging in the cylinder during the exhaust stroke. It also features a unit injection system, which is a fuel injector with a camshaft-driven plunger that generates the injection pressure.

We carry Detroit Diesel PTO clutch parts for the 353, 453 and 6V53 engine models, including facings, ring drives, collars, oil supply hoses, bearings and transmission hoses.

Detroit Diesel Series 71

This series consists of two-stroke diesel engines that are available in inline and V versions. The inline models are available with one, two, three, four or six cylinders, while the V configuration can have 6, 8, 12, 16 or 24 cylinders. The Series 71 is a popular choice for marine applications, both as a propulsion engine in a small watercraft and as an auxiliary power source for shipboard machinery and equipment.

Diesel Pro Power is your one-stop headquarters for 371, 471, 671 and 6V71 power takeoff clutch parts including facings, bearings, pilot hoses, collars and more.

Detroit Diesel Series 92

Detroit Diesel introduced its Series 92 engines in 1974. They feature a larger bore than the Series 71 and an identical stroke. Detroit Diesel produced these engines in six-cylinder and eight-cylinder configurations. It also offers 12 and 16-cylinder versions created by enjoining the six and eight-cylinder models, respectively.

Diesel Pro Power is pleased to offer diesel engine PTO clutch parts for the six-cylinder 6V92 engines such as collars, facings, bearings, supply hoses and transmission hoses.

Why Choose Diesel Pro Power for Your Diesel Engine PTO Clutch Needs?

  • Easy-to-navigate website: Ordering the parts you need is fast and easy.
  • 24-hour worldwide shipping: You will receive your order quickly.
  • Excellent service: We'll do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer.
  • Great reviews: nd users continue to choose us for all their diesel engine parts needs.
  • Relationship-focused approach: We serve more than 15,000 customers around the world.
  • 25+ years of industry experience: We can answer any question and recommend the ideal product for your applications.

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