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Cylinder Heads for Detroit Diesel engines

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Detroit Diesel Cylinder HeadDetroit Diesel Cylinder Head
Whether you are looking or a Detroit Diesel cylinder head for sale, or any of the related parts, we can help. We have a full inventory of parts, ready to be shipped to you fast. The actual design of the engine can vary slightly from engine to engine but this part essentially closes the cylinder to make the combustion process more effective. The entire cylinder head may be broken in your engine, or you may need to replace one of the smaller components in the cylinder head. For example, this may include the injector tube, the feeder gauge, the valve, or valve seat and other components that are in or connected to the head.

Through Diesel Pro Power, you can easily order entirely new Detroit Cylinder Heads, or you can locate just the specific parts that you need. We stock an extensive inventory, ready to ship straight to you with a variety of shipping options designed to match your delivery needs. Whether you get a new or a remanufactured unit, you will get a part that is guaranteed to work. If you are looking to repair a cylinder head, we carry a full line of engine valves, springs, injectors and more that will get your engine back up and running fast. Our convenient Head Gasket Kit and Plug Kit come complete with items you will need for the installation, such as gaskets, seals and more. We also carry hard-to-find tools that will make the installation a faster and easier process.

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General Questions about the Detroit Cylinder Head

Can you replace a warped or cracked cylinder head?
If a cylinder head is cracked, it absolutely needs to be replaced. If it has warped, it can be altered if the warpage is very slight. This process can be expensive, and not necessarily a long term fix. If the warpage is visible to the naked eye, it is severe, and should be replaced before further damage is caused.

Can you solder a cylinder head that has cracked?
No. This is very risky and should be avoided to prevent unnecessary damage to the other parts of the engine.

What else should I get if I am putting in a new cylinder head?
The gaskets MUST be changed when you put a new cylinder head in. We carry gasket kits that come complete with all the seals and gaskets that will be needed, custom made for each engine. It is also a good idea to purchase a new bolt for the head, as well as a retainer push rod. These items can warp over time and it is a good idea to replace them while you are performing the servicing. Just click on the icon above to see all of the cylinder head parts for your engine model.

Do you carry new or rebuilt items?
We carry both, and the products will be clearly marked. Both items are thoroughly inspected before leaving our warehouse. We have a warranty for all new products of one year, and six months for rebuilt products. We also offer easy returns, as long as the product is returned within 30 days, and is not used.

Do your products have a warranty? We offer one year warranties on new products, and 6 month warranties on rebuilt products. If there is any doubt, we also accept returns on un-used merchandise, as long as it is returned to us within 30 days.

Inline 71 Series Questions

How do I know if my Detroit 371, 471, 671 cylinder head had warped?
A severely warped cylinder head needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Judging the degree of warpage can be done with use of the feeler gauge (we have them available for sale, if you do not already own one, it can be a valuable tool.) Using the feeler gauge and a straight-edge, check the warping along the long side (longitudinal) as well as width, or the shorter side (also called the transverse side.) The maximum warpage for 3-71 is .055 inches. For a 4-71, the maximum warpage is .008, and for a 6-71, the maximum warpage is .01 inches. For the transverse measurements (the width or shorter measurement) should not exceed .004 in the 3-71, 4-71 and 6-71. If you do not have a feeler gauge, click on your engine above and you will see the feeler gauge tool.

What are additional signs that my 371 / 471 / 671 engine will need a new head?
Look for signs of overheating. Fuse plugs for the 71 inline series will melt at 257 degrees Fahrenheit (125 degrees Celsius.) If these plugs are melted, or you otherwise suspect overheating had occurred, the cylinder head should be inspected for warping.

Can I use the same Gasket Kit for a Two Valve 71 series engine and a Four Valve 71 series engine?
No, they are custom made for each engine. Our kits come complete with gaskets, valves and seals, so simply click on your engine and you will get a kit that is ready for your project. This is STRONGLY recommended if you are replacing the cylinder head.

Is the Plug Kit required for all of the 71 Series Engines?
If you are replacing a cylinder head for the 4-71 Four Valve Engine (as well as all 6-71 and all 8-71 cylinder heads) it is ABSOULTELY needed.

V71 Series Questions

How do I know if a 6V71, 8V71 or 12V71 cylinder head had warped?
Use the feeler gauge with a straight edge, and check the bottom face of the cylinder head. Then take about eleven measurements, six going lengthwise (the longer measurement) and five going across. The measurements should go along the far edges, and along the line of holes for the valves. Measuring lengthwise, the most a 6V71 cylinder head can warp is .0055 inches, the most an 8V71 cylinder head can warp is .008 inches, and the most an 12V71 cylinder head can warp is .01 inches. The most any of these cylinder heads can warp is .004 inches when measuring across before needing to be replaced.

I suspect my rocker arms are not working properly on my Detroit 6V71 / 8V71 cylinder head. What could cause this?
The V71 series has three rocker arms per cylinder. One of arms control the injector plunger, while the other two control the exhaust valves. These are controlled by the camshaft, so be sure to also check the camshaft, cam followers, and push rods to make sure they are working properly as a unit.

I have a 12V71 engine that I need to replace the cylinder head. Do you sell the cylinder head in pairs?
We sell our cylinder heads individually, in the case that only one malfunctions. If you have a 12V71, which uses two 6-cylinder heads, and you are doing a complete overhaul, then you will have to purchase both.

92 Series Questions

What are the diffrences between a small 6V92 or 8V92 versus a 12V92 or 16V92 cylinder head?
On the 6 and 8 cylinder engines, water flow is entirely internal. For the larger engines, a water manifold has to be attached to the head.

What is maximum warpage for a 6V92 cylinder head?
Use the feeler tool and a straight edge to measure. For these engines, the warpage should not exceed 0.011 mm on the fire deck. Then check for longitudinal (length-wise) warpage by selecting 6 evenly spaced measuring points. For this engine, the warpage when measured in this direction should not exceed 0.14 mm. If the warpage exceeds these measurements, then the unit should be replaced.

What is the maximum warpage for an 8V92, 16V92 cylinder head?
For these engines, the warpage should be checked the same way as the 6V92. The maximum warpage for these engines should not exceed 0.203mm

60 Series Questions

Do you have ERG parts for the newer series 60 engines?
Yes, we carry these parts, which have been applied to many engines after the early 1990’s.

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