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Cummins Connecting Rods Bearing set sealsCummins Connecting Rods Bearing set sealsCummins Connecting Rods Bearing set seals

Cummins Connecting Rods

Every component in your marine diesel engine contributes to your boat's performance. To keep your boat on the water, you need to perform regular maintenance and replace parts that become worn and damaged. At Diesel Pro Power, we offer an extensive online selection of replacement parts for Cummins marine engines, including Cummins connecting rods. We make it easy to find the exact components you need to get your boat running again.

Also known as conrods, connecting rods play an essential role in diesel engines. These components connect the piston to the crankshaft or crank, transforming the piston's reciprocating motion into rotary motion and allowing the boat to move. A conrod can become damaged due to usual wear and tear as well as during hydrolock, which happens when water gets into the piston chamber. A damaged connecting rod can impact your boat's performance and lead to further damage, so it's important to consider repairs as soon as you notice a problem.

When you're ready to replace the connecting rods in your Cummins engine, you can order all the components you need from Diesel Pro Power. Our easy-to-use website allows you to search by part number or browse by engine series. We ship orders worldwide within 24 hours, so you can get the correct replacement parts without traveling to a store.

B Series Cummins Connecting Rods

Engines in the Cummins B series include models 4B 3.9, 4BT 3.9, 4BTA 3.9, 6B 5.9, 6BT 5.9 and 6BTA 5.9 as well as ISB and QSB engines. At Diesel Pro Power, we can help you keep your B series engine running properly with connecting rod bushing and bearing sets for both non-fracture and fracture-split connecting rods. We also offer connecting rod cap bolts for some engine models, so you can get everything you need to complete repairs in one place.

C Series Cummins Connecting Rods

When repairing your Cummins C series engine, it's essential to find the right components. The Cummins connecting rod parts we offer for 6C 8.3, 6CT 8.3, 6CTA 8.3, ISC and QSC models meet strict OEM specifications. Our 100% quality guarantee means you can expect to receive defect-free parts that perform well over time.

855 Series Cummins Connecting Rods

We offer Cummins connecting rod bushing as well as standard and oversize bearing sets for NT 855 and NH 855 engines. By offering upper and lower shells in sets, we make buying replacement conrod parts more convenient.

K Series Cummins Connecting Rods

The K series encompasses KTA 38, KTA 19, KTA 50 and QSK 19 engines. In our selection, you will find connecting rod bearing sets and connecting rod bolts designed to fit your engine, all at competitive prices.

Your Source for Cummins Diesel Connecting Rods

Ordering from Diesel Pro Power is a simple way to get connecting rods for Cummins engines. If you're not sure which product will best meet your repair needs, our knowledgeable customer care team can answer your questions and help you choose an appropriate option.

Our easy-to-navigate website, fast shipping and excellent customer service have earned us over 15,000 satisfied customers. Order the parts you need for your marine engine today or reach out to us to learn more about our selection.

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