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Cummins Marine Water Pumps
Cummins Marine Water PumpsCummins Marine Water Pumps

Cummins Marine Raw Water Pumps

Also known as sea water or raw water pumps, marine water pumps use sea water to regulate engine temperature. We focus on reliability and toughness when choosing to offer Cummins marine water pumps for sale because we understand the importance of your engine's health. Let's restore your engine to working order or get the parts you need for preventive care.

When to Replace Your Cummins Diesel Marine Water Pump

Your engine's marine water pump could require replacement as part of a preventive maintenance schedule or if you notice significant wear. Some of the factors that influence the need for a new part include:

  • Time and extent of use: Remember to check for damage to your water pump every 1000 hours of use and your impeller every 200 hours of use. Both extensive use and long-term storage can also affect your pump's condition.
  • Set impeller blades: Normal impeller use can cause the blades to set over time. Severe blade set may require replacement to get the pump working regularly.
  • Cracks in impeller blades: Another common water pump problem is cracks in the impeller blades. This damage can cause the blades to break off and reduce pump flow. If you notice severe cracks in your impeller blades, replace the unit and check for impeller pieces in the discharge pumping.

Our Selection of Cummins Marine Water Pumps, Parts and Accessories

In addition to sea water pumps, we sell accessories like the following to keep the surrounding components in good condition:

  • Impellers: Many raw water pump problems involve damage to the impeller that you can address by replacing the impeller on its own.
  • Zinc anodes: Our zinc anodes for raw water pumps, fuel pumps and oil coolers prevent corrosion by redirecting it away from critical parts.
  • Cables, gaskets and other accessories: Our supplemental parts include everything else you need to get your engine components working together seamlessly.

Find a Marine Water Pump for Your Engine Model

We offer raw water pumps for a wide range of Cummins engine models, including those in popular series such as:

  • K Series Cummins engines: QSK and KTA
  • C Series Cummins engines: QSC, ISC, 6C, 6CT and 6CTA
  • 855 Series Cummins engines: NT 855 and NH 855
  • B Series Cummins engines: 4B, 4BT, 4BTA, 6B, 6BT, 6BTA, ISB and QSB

Why Shop Diesel Pro Power?

More than 15,000 customers from over 200 countries have come to us for Cummins engine parts because we support them through:

  • Quick turnaround times: We ship out orders within 24 hours of purchase to get your parts to you as soon as possible under your shipping method.
  • Guaranteed quality: All of our new parts have a one-year warranty on their materials and constructions so you can have peace of mind.
  • Easy navigation: Become your own parts expert by narrowing your search by engine series, model and part category.

Get a Cummins Marine Water Pump Online

Buy a marine water pump, impeller or accessory by choosing your engine model and product. To get expert assistance, call us at 888-433-4735 (United States) or 305-545-5588 (worldwide). After our office hours, you can also get in touch using our after-hours form.

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