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Cummins Marine Water PumpsCummins Marine Water PumpsCummins Marine Water Pumps

Cummins Marine Water Pumps

Cummins marine water pump is engineered to maintain a consistently optimal engine temperature. The target temperature varies from model to model, but the normal range is between 118 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit (47 to 82 degrees Celsius). If it's time for a Cummins marine water pump replacement, Diesel Pro Power is your go-to retailer. These pumps are often replaced as an element of routine maintenance. Yet, they are also replaced when they have reached the end of their life span.

Diesel Pro Advantages: Why Buy Cummins Marine Water Pumps with Us?

Diesel Pro Power is committed to getting engines or parts out the door within 24 hours of your order. You will know the day for which delivery is scheduled, and the shipment will arrive punctually. Meanwhile, the delivered items are under full warranty. Best of all, the ordering process is straightforward and uncomplicated because of our easily-manageable website. The site provides helpful information on its products as well.

Impressive Inventory of Cummins Marine Water Pumps Parts

Drawing the sea water by suction from the sea chest in the marine vessel's hull, the pump moves the raw water through the fresh water-cooling system and then expels it overboard. In principle, every Cummins marine water pump functions in this manner, but the diversity of engines means a wide variety of pumps. Furthermore, associated parts like impellers, zinc anodes, cables, gaskets and other components must fit the pump and the engine. Diesel Pro Power keeps such inventory on hand for whenever any replacements are called for.

Impellers, for example, are what bring that external water into the cooling system. They are subject to damage and corrosion, so replacement is sometimes not an option. Speaking of corrosion, zinc anodes serve to cover and shield metallic parts from wear caused by electrolysis, or electrons moving between two different metal surfaces. Gaskets, on the other hand, occupy the space between the engine and the pump in order to prevent coolant leakage. With all the parts that are essential to proper Cummins marine water pump performance, we know that our customers will be in need of more than just the pump, and we are ready for them.

Diesel Pro Power stocks Cummins parts with our large line of Cummins engine models in mind:

1. K Series Cummins engines – Specifically, these are the QSK and KTA engines. KTA models, like the KTA19, can generate between 450 and 700 horsepower. This type can serve to maneuver watercraft through the water, as a propulsion engine, or to power winches, pumps and generators, that is, as an auxiliary engine.

2. C Series Cummins engines – The ISC, QSC, 6CT and 6CTA are examples of the Cummins C series. The 6C and 6CTA, for instance, are utilized often for emergency power and fire pumps, yet they still act as effective propulsion power creators. Operating at up to 270hp, these models are renowned for enduring difficult commercial seafaring tasks. These are inline, six-cylinder, four-stroke engines and fit commercial, recreational and passenger vessels.

3. 855 Series Cummins engines – These are powerful, heavy-duty engines that produce almost 500hp, and are designed with fuel economy in mind. Combustion is efficient and the cylinders have wet liners that rid the engine of excess heat quickly and easily. The cylinder heads are made from cast iron alloy and each head applies to two cylinders. This engine is also employed in mining operations and in industrial settings.

4. B Series Cummins engines – The B series embraces the ISB, QSB, 4B, 4BT, 4BTA, 6B, 6BT and 6BTA. These last two models are six-liter engines, four stroke and six-cylinder engines. On land, these engines made the Dodge Ram famous. In addition to brand-new engines, Cummins also includes a line of re-constructed engines that match and surpass the dependability specifications of the original engines. The B series also includes four-cylinder versions.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Diesel Pro Power treats every order as an urgent matter. This is why our website is user-friendly and our representatives are also reachable by telephone: 1-888-433-4735 in the United States and 305-545-5588 for overseas customers. We are on standby to help you with your needs and can help you find the right water pump.

Easy Payment Options for Cummins Marine Water Pumps

Paying for your new marine water pump from Cummins and replacement parts has never been simpler. You can wire funds or pay in U.S. dollars. Additionally, your financial data is completely secured by our encryption protocols. Orders are filled within 24 hours and shipped directly to you. Each and every product is under a comprehensive warranty.

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