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Cummins Oil Filters Adaptors Caps
Cummins Oil Filters Adaptors CapsCummins Oil Filters Adaptors Caps

Cummins Oil Filters

Your marine diesel engine's oil filter plays an essential role in keeping your boat running. This component removes harmful contaminants produced during combustion and cleans the oil. Over time, your engine's oil filter will become clogged. When this happens, you need to replace it as soon as possible to prevent damage to the engine. At Diesel Pro Power, we keep a number of Cummins diesel oil filters in stock, so you can find the exact component you need.

Our website makes purchasing replacement oil filters and other engine parts simple, whether you are a professional mechanic or a boat owner. Just search by engine series or part number. When you order online, you won't need to waste time traveling from store to store or wait for someone to special order a product for you.

We understand how important it is to have a clean oil filter when you go out on the water. To help you get the Cummins marine oil filters you need quickly, we ship worldwide orders within 24 hours.

Cummins B Series Oil Filters

In our selection, you will find spin-on type oil filters compatible with B series engines including the QSB 4.5, ISB 4.5, 4B 3.9, 4BT 3.9, 6B 5.9 and 6BT 5.9. These filters come in different heights, so you can select one that fits your specific engine model. In addition to Cummins oil filters, we also provide mechanical and electric gauges and the oil filter removal wrench you will need to remove your engine's current oil filter.

We offer spin-on type oil filters for 6CTA 8.3, QSC and ISC engines. These filters measure 11.69 inches tall and 4.65 inches in outside diameter. Although we don't stock oil filters for other engines in the C series, we do provide gauges and oil filter removal wrenches that will work with other models.

Cummins 855 Series Oil Filters

For NH 855 and NT 855 engines, we have spin-on type oil filters. For the best results, these should be changed every 100 hours along with your boat's oil. Like our other engine components, these oil filters come with our 100% quality guarantee, so you can expect them to effectively remove contaminants from inside and outside the system.

Cummins K Series Oil Filters

When replacing the oil filter in your K series engine, you want to find an option that matches your budget as well as your specific engine model. We carry competitively priced oil filters for QSK 19, KTA 19, KTA 38 and KTA 50 engines as well as compatible wrenches and gauges.

Order Cummins Marine Diesel Oil Filters Today

Finding the right Cummins oil filter for your boat's engine should be simple. If you're not sure which filters are compatible with your engine model, our friendly customer care team can answer your questions and help you select an appropriate option. Order the oil filters you need today or reach out to us to learn more about our extensive selection.

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