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Since the company’s founding a century ago, Cummins engine parts have enjoyed a well-earned reputation for longevity, dependability, and performance. And at Diesel Pro Power, you have a partner you can trust for Cummins diesel engine parts. Using our 20+ years of experience with diesel engines, we have carefully selected only the absolute best parts to offer for sale via our easy-to-navigate, fully secure online store.

Cummins Engines: A Tradition of Legendary Power

The history of Cummins, Inc. is a story of American ingenuity meeting the greater public’s needs. Clessie Cummins — a farm boy from rural Indiana with no formal education past the eighth grade —made the first Diesel-powered automobile out of a Limousine, and within only three years, his engine would power a car that completed more than 13,000 miles at Indianapolis' motor speedway.

Then, in post-WWII America, the Cummins N Series engine would go on to power over half of the heavy-duty trucks used in the U.S. building boom between 1952 and 1959. By 2013, the company had established operations in nearly 200 countries and territories worldwide.
Today, Cummins engines can be found powering practically every category of vehicle, from heavy-duty 18-wheelers and construction equipment to pickup trucks and even commercial marine diesel applications.

Buying Parts For Cummins Engines is Fast, Secure And Error-Free At Diesel Pro Power

Cummins made the first Diesel powered automobile out of a Limousine, and within only three years, his engine would power a car to complete over thirteen-thousand miles in Indianapolis' motor speedway.

Our system makes it easy to browse and buy Cummins parts — both marine parts and diesel parts, allowing you to purchase without annoying part numbers. To get started, select your engine type above to see all of the Cummins parts for sale available for that particular model. You can also shop by category as well, which will give you options to search for a specific component, such as water pumps, Cummins rebuild kit collections, turbos, cylinder heads, engine valves, gasket sets and more.
At Diesel Pro Power, we understand that when one of your Cummins engines needs repair work, you don’t have time to waste. That’s why every step in our online shopping process is customer-centric. Our purposely designed website is built to make you feel like an engine repair expert — even if you’re not.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Shopping for Cummins Diesel Parts

Getting to the right OEM or aftermarket part is easier with our Diesel Pro Power site that uses Quickserve most of the time. You get to see the actual picture of the part you are looking for. In addition, our system will suggest to you what other parts you may need for your Cummins engine, whether marine, industrial or truck. You will also notice on our site that we do not just cover engines but also the gauges and marine transmission parts that you may need as well.

Being your one-stop shop for all your Cummins diesel engine parts is important to us. Because we know how long trips to other parts distributors can leave you frustrated and still searching for the right part, we’ve created a cost- and time-saving alternative to those brick-and-mortar suppliers who only stock the parts they can sell quickly.

In contrast, at Diesel Pro Power, we stock all types of Cummins parts — from fast-moving parts to medium- and slow-moving parts. We don’t list a part only to then inform you we have to special order it. Whatever part you’re looking for, we’re more than likely to have it in stock.

Why you should choose Diesel Pro Power

Freedom of choice is a good thing. Since we realize you have a choice of various suppliers when looking for Cummins replacement parts, we’ve made it our mission to create the most hassle-free method of shopping for — and ordering — the parts you need. It’s also why we measure our success in the industry by the relationships we forge with pleased customers — as opposed to attempting to rack up as many one-off transactions as possible.

In addition to enjoying our customer-centered way of doing business, if you choose Diesel Pro Power, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Worldwide 24-hour shipping: Thanks to our full inventory, the part you need is in stock and ready to leave our warehouse in 24 hours or less. That means you don't have to waste time waiting for your parts to be delivered. Remember: When we say door-to-door worldwide shipping, we mean it!
  • High-quality brand-new parts: We have a huge selection of brand-new parts ready for service in your Cummins engine. Why waste money on used or damaged parts when you could buy new for less?
  • Quality guaranteed: We stand behind the parts we sell with our 100% comprehensive one year warranty on all new parts.
  • Choice of shipping options: We offer multiple shipping options, so you can get your Cummins parts as quickly as tomorrow with next-day shipping. Why settle for downtime when we can help you maximize your uptime?
  • Customer satisfaction: Our friendly, helpful staff are always ready to help you with any questions you might have. With more than 15,000 satisfied customers and loads of real reviews, you can count on a great customer experience with us — every time!
  • Affordable pricing: We offer low, distributor direct pricing you won't find anywhere else.

Cummins Engine Parts for Sale for Both Newer and Older Engines

We are focused on stocking Cummins engine parts online for a wide selection of engine types. We carry Cummins 4BT parts, with everything from pumps to rebuild kits, to gaskets and much more. We also have Cummins 6BT parts for the larger 6 cylinder version, which can be found in our 5.9 Cummins parts section. With a gear driven camshaft and one-piece head, these models have set the bar for dependability and a very large range of uses and applications, including automotive use in pickup trucks, marine use and as power sets.

Looking for an older engine? With some Cummins engines logging over 1 million miles, it's no wonder that many of these engines are still running today. However, the key to longevity is proper care, maintenance and especially parts. These include the N14, which was gradually phased out and replaced with the Cummins ISX and QSX models. We also have parts for the Cummins L10 and its later incarnation, the M11.

No matter the type of engine, give us a call today at 1-888-433-4735, and we will try to help you get the parts you need. Our staff is well trained and can answer any questions you have.

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