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Parts for Detroit Diesel, Cummins
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Your home for the widest selection of parts for Detroit Diesel and Cummins engines. Browse our extensive selection, which includes aftermarket parts for Detroit Diesel and everything that you need to keep engines running smoothly, plus troubleshooting guides to help you navigate through the toughest engine problems. 

Parts for Detroit Diesel 53, 71,92, 149 and 60 Series

Diesel Pro Power is the largest direct online distributor of parts for Detroit Diesel engines. Our job is to empower Detroit Diesel engine owners all over the world with the largest Detroit Diesel parts catalog online and the ability to find and buy parts in seconds. Our site is intuitive, quick, easy and 100% error proof with 24hr shipping that guarantees that the service, repair or overhaul of your engine is accomplished in no time. Click on our Parts for Detroit Diesel Engines Section and see for yourself how easy it is to find what you need. Each section features a troubleshooting guide to help diagnose poor engine performance. This information will allow for a more educated conversation with your Diesel mechanic about your the scope of work that may be required.

In addition to the two stroke engines, we also offer Parts for Detroit Series 60 11.1, 12.7 and 14 liter. Whether your engine is used in marine, truck, mining, generator, agricultural or military applications, we can help you. We have served thousands of satisfied customers with 353, 453, 6V53, 8V53, 271, 371, 471,671, 6V71, 8V71, 12V71, 16V71, 6V92, 8V92, 12V92, 16V92, 8V149, 12V149, 16V149 and 8.2 Liter engines. We also offer category pages where you can see all of our blowers, cylinder heads, and more. You have found The Most Reliable Way to Buy Parts for Detroit Diesel Online!

Parts and Gears for Twin Disc ® Marine Transmission

Overhaul Parts for all Twin Disc marine transmission are just a click away. Quickly and easily find the most commonly used parts for Twin Disc transmission to service, repair new, rebuilt or used Twin Disc ® marine gears such as: MG 502, MG 506, MG 507, MG 5050, MG 5061, MG 5075, MG 509, MG 5090, MG 5091, MG 5111, MG 514, MG 5114, MG 518, MG 521, and MG 527. Being the largest end-user direct replacement parts distributor in the USA Twin Disc ® Marine Transmission parts, you can count on our 24hr shipping.

Parts for Allison Marine Transmissions

We have Parts for Allison marine in stock and ready to ship. This line was exclusively manufactured for Detroit Diesel marine engines comes in 2 models, M and MH. The Allison marine transmission M is the earlier version and comes in sub-models representing the available ratios. They are M15, M15L, M15R, M20, M20L, and M20R. The letter M is for model M. 15 if for ration 1.5 to 1. L or R is for transmission rotation. L for left-hand rotation and R for right-hand rotation. The Allison marine transmission MH, a heavier duty marine gear that comes in the following sub-models representing the different ratio options MH20, MH20L, MH20R, MH45, MH45L, and MH45R.

Parts for Cummins Engines

If you are looking for parts for Cummins engines, Diesel Pro is the best option for your money. One of the features we think you'll like most is our speed. After all, your time is valuable. Why waste it going from store to store, or wait for a special order to come in? With Diesel Pro, you can have your parts delivered straight to your address in as little as one business day, at distributor direct prices. We also make ordering easy and fast, by grouping parts in an intuitive way, complete with high definition photographs. You can buy from us with confidence because we have used our experience and knowledge of Diesel engines to select only the best professional-grade parts to sell, all backed by our leading warranty. Once you try us, you will agree, Diesel Pro is a better option when it comes to buying Diesel parts online.

Looking for 6BT5.9 or 4BT3.9 Cummins parts? We have a full selection for the very popular B series. These sturdy inline engines are some of the most popular engines in the Cummins line. This engine is built with improvements over earlier models, such as a gear driven camshaft and one-piece head. Technology has since been integrated into the more modern 4.5 liter / 6.7 liter ISB and QSB, which we also offer a full selection of parts for. These engines have many uses, including marine, agricultural and even emergency equipment like generators. In any of these roles, it is absolutely imperative that your engine keeps running, to remain productive, or prevent emergencies. That is why having the right parts from Diesel Pro is so important, to keep these engines running as they should when you need them to.

We got you covered for the popular Cummins 8.3 liter engines, including the C series, as well as the popular KTA19, KTA38, and KTA50 models. These engines are mostly found in marine applications, which is why Diesel Pro is a great fit. We started by focusing on marine engines, and you can see it throughout our website. We offer many complimentary products specific to the marine industry that you will not find with other Diesel engine sellers. Whether you need marine cables, a marine water pump or anything else related to marine engines, we got you covered.

We also carry parts for many other Cummins engines, ready to be shipped to you. Our inventory includes parts for L10, ISL, QSL, M11, ISM, QSM, N14, ISX, QSX, and QSK19 motors. No matter what you need, even if it is a hard-to-find part, our helpful staff will be happy to help you. Call us today.

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