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Detorit Diesel Overhaul & Inframe Kits

Rebuilding an engine requires a great deal of time, skill and patience. It also requires you to have the right parts on hand in order to get the job done. When you are rebuilding your engine, you may be looking for quality Detroit Diesel in-frame kits to use. These kits provide you with all of the supplies and parts that you need to completely rebuild an engine, and they give you the convenience of a hassle-free, one-stop shopping experience. You do not have to buy the parts you need individually because you can easily order all of the parts in one in-frame kit. When you are searching for the right kits for your needs, you can easily turn to Diesel Pro Power as your best resource.

When you take a closer look at the Detroit Diesel in-frame kits available to you through Diesel Pro Power, you will be excited to discover that you have access to the high quality replacement parts that you need in one convenient kit. If you shop at a local auto supply store, you inevitably will be faced with the possibility of having some of the parts you need be out of stock or not available. This can be a true inconvenience if you want to start rebuilding your engine soon. There is also the chance that you may pick up the wrong parts in the store, and you may have to deal with this frustration once you get back to the engine and start working on it.

Everything about the in-frame kits from Diesel Pro Power is designed to make your rebuilding efforts a breeze. You can begin searching for the kits that are suitable for your engine model, and you can enjoy the convenience of shopping from your computer or laptop without having to drive around town. We strive to keep all parts in stock, even for engines like Detroit Diesel 4-71, 8v53, 6-71, 8v71, 16v71 and12V71 and many more. We want to help you rebuild your engine to your satisfaction, and we are ready to ship quality parts to you as soon as you complete your order online.

Detroit Engine Rebuild Kits

Overhauling or rebuilding industrial and marine engines can be complex—but it doesn't have to be. Diesel Pro Power offers affordable, all-in-one solutions for getting the job done right. Whether you're looking for a 53 Series marine engine with a DD overhaul kit or a Detroit 8V92 turbo engine overhaul kit, you're sure to find it on our organized website.

Our engine rebuild kits are designed for a perfect fit to your OEM specifications. You get a complete set of cylinder kits, crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, thrust washers, head gasket, oil pan gasket and rocker cover gasket. Search for the products you require by engine model and click on the product links to learn more about the process of placing your order.

53 Series Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits

Improve the performance and efficiency of your 53 Series marine engines with a DD overhaul kit from Diesel Pro Power. We carry solutions for natural or non-turbo models as well as for one piece piston turbo engines. You'll find overhaul kit options for 353, 453, 6V53 and 8V53 engines.

71 Series Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits

Our inventory of overhaul and rebuild kits for Detroit Diesel engines are available for the 71 Series. Whether you're working on a turbo aftercooled engine or a non-turbo with a two-piece piston, we have you covered. Our standalone kits include everything you need to breath new life into 2-71, 6V71, 8V71, 12V71 and 16V71 engines.

92 Series Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits

Why waste time trying to find all the parts you need to overhaul your Detroit Diesel engines when you can get the job done with a single product from Diesel Pro Power? Our selection includes Detroit overhaul kits and DD rebuild kits for 92 Series models 6V92, 8V92, 12V92 and 16V92. We offer options for natural non-turbo, turbo intercool and turbo aftercool engines.

149 Series Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits

Get the engine rebuilt kits you're looking for to improve the performance and extend the service life of your 8V149, 12V149 and 16V149 engines. These sets include parts designed to fit your 149 Series marine engines and deliver lasting durability. Explore our available Detroit DD inframe kits for overhauls and rebuilds to find the product suited to your requirements.

60 Series Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits

Diesel Pro Power is home to an extensive selection of 60 Series rebuilding overhaul inframe kits for industrial truck engines. We carry options for 11.1, 12.7 and 14-liter articulated piston-aluminum skirt, cast iron piston-elliptical dome, steel crown piston-aluminum skirt and one-piece forged steel piston models.

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