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Detroit Diesel Starters & Alternators

Starters for Detroit Diesel engines generate an exceptionally substantial torque from a toothed-wheel motor that delivers starting power where a Detroit Diesel needs it most: breaking out. Electrical, air, and air-start systems often can't supply the superior power-to-weight ratio that allows a pneumatic starter to dependably turn over bigger diesel engines and gas turbines.

When engaged, a pneumatic starter forces pistons downward under pressure from compressed air or gas pumped into the cylinders. A high-quality unit will reliably and safely do its duty virtually maintenance-free, at no risk of explosion, and without relying upon an electrical source. Most importantly, the best of the best deliver powerful performance even under the world's most dangerous extremes of hot and cold temperatures, from torrid deserts to the frozen Arctic.

Since one size rarely, if ever, fits all in life, we recommend you browse our complete selection of Detroit Diesel starters and choose the part that best lines up with your engine's specifications. In addition to the voltage you need, always match the starter to your engine using these considerations for each model:

  • Maximum working pressure
  • Maximum powe
  • Speed at maximum power
  • Net weight
  • Maximum diameter of the air feed piping

Always find the right starter for your needs. For example, while they may look similar, the difference between 4-53 starter and a 8v92 startercould cause you difficulties down the road.

With every turn of your key, you can drive the performance of Detroit Diesel starters from Detroit Pro Power straight to the bank, even under the planet's most unforgiving conditions. Every starter that bears our name and signature 3-step return guarantee will turn your diesel over without you ever needing to doubt the torque it delivers. Nevertheless, should you need assistance, Detroit Pro Power representatives are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you quickly and courteously.

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