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Cummins Fresh Water Marine Pumps

Optimal temperature is important for the engine of a marine vessel. A water pump assures this. Recognizing the need, Diesel Pro Power maintains a large inventory of a variety of replacement pumps and associated parts, as well. You can search our website for the right pump according to engine series and specific model. We assure superior customer service and prompt shipment because we know the frustration boaters experience when engines function poorly because of worn-out parts. Getting the right parts to our customers in a timely manner is priority #1 for us.

Diesel Pro Advantages: Why Buy Cummins Water Pumps with Us

Our website from which you order is fully protected against malware and hackers, and is effortless to maneuver from page to page. From order to receipt, customers benefit from efficient service and no surprises and can rest easy when using our website.

Impressive Inventory of Cummins Water Pumps Parts

With a huge diversity of engines out on the water, Diesel Pro Power takes pains to have the broadest variety of pumps and parts available for order. Among our extensive inventory are:

1. Water pumps – A malfunctioning pump can stop engine coolant from its continuous circulation. Cummins water pumps go beyond industry standards to provide reliable temperature regulation for a long time.

2. Cleansers and treatments – Life of a Cummins water pump is always longer when subject to regular cleaning and maintenance. We offer cleaners not only for water pumps but for the radiator and entire cooling system so you can save money and hassle.

3. Thermostats, gauges and temperature switches – The engine cooling system is intelligent because of the monitoring devices on which it depends. The synchronization of gauges, sensors, switches and thermostats makes water pump operation effective.

4. Fan Belts – Connecting different parts of the rotating shaft to one another, the fan belt is crucial to the successful function of a water pump. Yet these too, can fray, wear down or even break. Fortunately, our wide selection of fan belts is always well-stocked, and we are ready for your order.

5. Engine paint – After repair and replacement of your engine, you might need a paint job. Engine paint is primarily for protecting the engine against corrosive elements and rust.

A water pump from Cummins represents our commitment to helping you service the engines we sell. Diesel Pro Power keeps a large assortment of parts to correspond to its wide array of engines. Our site can help you locate the right part by searching series and model number or by simply entering the Cummins engine's serial number. A few of the engines we provide for are:

855 Series

The Cummins 855 series includes the NH855 and NT855 engines. The NT855 generates between 289 and 480 horsepower, and the NH855 does likewise. These offer energetic combustion that provides excellent fuel economy and slower oil depletion.

C Series

Diesel Pro Power sells water pumps that correspond to C series engines like the ISC, QSC, 6C, 6CT and 6CTA. These six-cylinder engines have a proven record reliability, and some can generate over 400hp. They serve as propulsion and auxiliary engines.

B Series

Cummins water pumps for B series engines are designed for these models: 4B, 4BT, 4BTA, 6B, 6BT, 6BTA, ISB and QSB. Engines in this series have a direct fuel injection that makes it cleaner, less noisy and a more economical consumer of diesel fuel. They are also lighter in weight.

K Series

The KTA and QSK engines convey high-performance power under rigorous conditions, under a wide range of loads and ambient temperatures. Not only do these high-hp engines serve marine vessels, they are also applicable to railroad and mining industries. Water pumps from Cummins are made to accommodate such heavy-duty requirements.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Diesel Pro Power has among the safest and most user-friendly websites for engine and part consumers. Clear and convenient, so you can shop category, model or series, our site makes shopping quick and easy. Also, we adopt SSL encryption to secure all financial information that is transmitted to our server. Top-line customer service is available online or by telephone: 1-888-433-4735 in the U.S and 305-545-5588 internationally. The turnover for orders is 24 hours and shipped to anywhere in the world. Diesel Pro Power experts can answer all your water pump questions that you may have.

At Diesel Pro Power, we will ship the part you need anywhere in the world right to the customer's doorstep within 24 hours of receiving the order. As a result, the wait time is minimal for those whose engine needs are urgent.

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