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Cummins Piston Kit Cylinder Liner Seal RingCummins Piston Kit Cylinder Liner Seal RingCummins Piston Kit Cylinder Liner Seal Ring

Cummins Piston Kits

Find the Cummins piston kits you need in our easy-to-browse online store. At Diesel Pro Power, we want to help you get the most out of your shopping experience by providing expert support and quality products. Let's work together to get your engine back in running order or round out your parts storage.

Discover Our Cummins Marine Diesel Piston Kits and Accessories

Our collection of piston kits includes products that cover a wide range of replacement situations. Customers who need a full replacement and those looking for a partial replacement can find something to meet their needs. We sell a variety of Cummins piston kits and accessories, including:

  • Full piston kits: One of our Cummins piston kits typically includes a piston, pin, pin retainer and ring set to replace one or more pistons. Remember to pay attention to how many units your kit will service and buy enough to fix all of the pistons you want to restore.
  • Piston cylinder liners: A piston's cylinder liner fits between the cylinder block and piston to protect these parts as they operate. As you figure out your components checklist, we recommend that you check if you also need a new cylinder liner.
  • Piston ring sets: When you need to replace your engine's piston rings, you can buy these parts in a standalone kit. With new piston rings, you can create a tighter seal to prevent gas leaks.

Find Your Engine's Series to Get the Right Part

We sell piston kits from customer-favorite Cummins engine series, including:

  • B Series piston kits: QSB, ISB, 4B, 4BT, 4BTA, 6B, 6BT and 6BTA
  • 855 diesel piston kits: NT 855 and NH 855
  • K Series marine piston kits: QSK and KTA
  • C Series piston kits: 6C, 6CT, 6CTA, QSC and ISC

Reasons to Get Your Cummins Diesel Piston Kit From Diesel Pro Power

More than 15,000 customers like you count on us for marine engine parts for leading brands because we offer:

  • Fast turnaround times: Our orders ship out of our warehouse within 24 hours to get your parts to you as fast as possible. We offer plenty of shipping options, including global delivery methods.
  • Expert assistance: Let our parts professionals help you before, during and after your parts purchase. Call us or contact us online for guidance with choosing and installing the products we sell.
  • Easy, secure parts shopping: We built our website to deliver a convenient and safe shopping experience. Our navigation lets anyone feel like a parts expert by organizing piston kits and other parts based on engine model. To keep your private information safe, our website uses up-to-date SSL encryption that defends data as it travels to our server.

Explore Our Online Selection of Cummins Engine Parts

Select your Cummins engine's model to see the compatible piston kits we have for sale. If you have any questions about part choice or installation, call us at 888-433-4735 (United States) or 305-545-5588 (global). We also have an after-hours contact form for when you need assistance outside of our office hours.

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