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Cummins Gaskets Upper Lower SetCummins Gaskets Upper Lower SetCummins Gaskets Upper Lower Set

Cummins Engine Gaskets

Cummins engine parts have a century-long legacy of performance and reliability. Designed based on decades of experience dealing with engine components, our Cummins gaskets will deliver what you need to repair your engine. You can count on Diesel Pro Power for quality parts, fast delivery and one-on-one service. Customer favorites include gaskets for the Cummins B Series, C Series, 855 Series and K Series.

Gaskets and Accessories for All Parts of Your Engine

We offer a wide selection of gasket products to give you a single-source solution for your engine repair. If you need help finding the right part for your Cummins engine, feel free to contact us. Get everything you need to overhaul your diesel engine's gaskets, including:

  • Individual gaskets: When you want to replace one or a few gaskets, we offer standalone parts such as filter head gaskets, oil drain gaskets and oil pan gaskets. Mix and match to tackle all of the gaskets on your repair list.
  • Gasket sets: For total gasket overhauls, consider getting one of our sets for EGR and non-EGR engines. We offer upper (head gasket) and lower gasket sets to cover everything you need to fix.
  • Gasket makers and sealants: In some situations involving minor leaks, you can use a gasket maker to repair the issue. Our selection of sealants helps you get a tighter seal when putting together gasket assemblies.

Get Cummins Marine and Diesel Gaskets and Sealants for Your Engine Series

Find gaskets and supplies for popular Cummins engines from old and new series, including:

  • B Series diesel gaskets: 4B, 4BT, 4BTA, 6B, 6BT, 6BTA, ISB and QSB
  • C Series gaskets for Cummins engines: 6C, 6CT, 6CTA, ISC and QSC
  • 855 Series engine gaskets: NH 855 and NT 855
  • K Series Cummins gaskets: KTA and QSK

Why Choose Diesel Pro Power as Your Cummins Parts Supplier?

At Diesel Pro Power, we strive to deliver a convenient shopping experience that starts a trusted supplier relationship. We track our success in terms of the connections we make with satisfied customers. When you buy from our online store, you'll enjoy the advantages of:

  • 24-hour shipping worldwide: We have a well-stocked inventory, with many items ready to deliver within 24 hours. With our wide selection of shipping options, you can get your parts by as soon as tomorrow.
  • Focus on your satisfaction: Our store has more than 15,000 satisfied customers who can testify to our unmatched support. You can contact our team at any time to have your questions answered. We also offer a comprehensive warranty on all new parts to keep you happy with your purchase after you shop.
  • Affordable, brand-new parts:  Thanks to our direct-to-customer model, you'll get extra savings on brand-new diesel and marine gaskets. Our new parts meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Shop Online for Cummins Engine Gaskets

Buy a Cummins gasket from Diesel Pro Power and expect fast shipping and dedicated service. If you need assistance finding the products you're looking for, call us at 888-433-4735 (United States) or 305-545-5588 (international). For questions after our operating hours, get after-hours help.

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